There are a number of support organisations and events which are available for those who have experienced Ecclesial domestic abuse – though all of the networks are run pro-bono and without clear long term funding streams to resource their important work of support. This is one of the areas which Badfaithed conferences going forward will seek to address and see more central resources flowing into these important pioneers of support.

BrokenRites is one of the leading organisations supporting those who are currently experiencing clergy marital breakdown.  Founded in 1983  following an initiative of the Right Honourable Frank Field MP who has shown particular interest in the social and emotional problems facing separated and divorced clergy spouses and partners, the Broken Rites network offers  support and understanding on a one to one basis when needed.  Broken Rites also holds local group meetings (where possible), provides information and signpost sources of help which may be practical, financial or spiritual support.  This is a significant group for those experiencing clergy marital breakdown to find immediate supportive advice, and an online network of support.  Do be in touch with them via their web site. There is also a twitter feed to follow @brokenrites.

Surviving Church has offered since the autumn of 2013 a personally underwritten support of survivors of negative church experiences led by the blog author Stephen Parsons – he writes is for anyone who wishes to learn about the way power operates in the churches. While there has been a recent shift towards identifying how institutions use and sometime abuse power, the blog will also continue to reflect its original purpose. This is the support and care for individuals affected by an abuse of power within a church setting. This may have been financial, spiritual, emotional or sexual. Anyone is welcome to write to Stephen to make personal contact if this is felt to be helpful.

MACSAS Minister And Clergy Sexual Abuse Survivors

supports women and men who have been sexually abused, as children or adults,
by ministers, clergy or others under the guise of the Church. MACSAS  seeks to support both Survivors who have remained within their Christian communities and those who have left