There have been a number of surveys of populations associated with communities of faith and their exposure to abuse.

We are pleased to draw attention to some of these which have been undertaken over the last couple of years, and we have become aware of others which have been undertaken in more recent months.

If you are aware of surveys underway which you believe would be of interest for Badfaithed members to be made aware of please do be in contact with us, and share the link.

Badfaithed is currently, ahead of the 2018 undertaking a rapid survey of its constituency, the inital results of which will be made available at the October 4th 2018 conference. Here are some of the other places where reporting of abuse has started to be researched.

The Church of England Independent Survey

Improving the Church of England’s responses to survivors of abuse and people at risk of harm (open through the autumn – closed for inclusion in October 2018 report)

Historical surveys and Research
The Reformed Church

In December 1989, the Synodical Committee on Abuse of the Christian Reformed Church (CRC) asked the Calvin College Social Research Center to survey adult members of the denomination to determine the prevalence of abuse in the CRC. About one in eight respondents reported having experienced physical abuse or neglect (12%) or sexual abuse (13%). Nearly one in five (19%) reported emotional abuse. In addition, 28% of respondents reported having experienced at least one of the three types. The survey yielded both qualitative and quantitative data for researchers, and proved that church-goers are not immune to issues of abuse

A survey of Abuse Prevalence in the Christian Reformed church
 & Pages 7-40 | Received 01 Jul 2001, Accepted 01 Oct 2001, Published online: 17 Oct 2008

Domestic Violence in Christian Homes: A Durban Case Study

Isabel Apawo Phiri
Journal for the Study of Religion
Vol. 14, No. 2, Transition and Transformation in South Africa: Aspects of Women’s Spirituality (2001), pp. 85-101
A case of theological misogyny?  an Attitudinal review of Ordinands attitudes to domestic violence and rape, in training at Westminster College 1999  F.Windsor and Carrie Pemberton Ford. (awaiting republication)