BadFaithed is refining the Symposium for September 2020

The Split?

Institutional Economic Abuse:
Pensions, Property, Protocols. 

We shall be gathering a number of experts to facilitate a day to address the ongoing challenges facing those in faith organisations when marriages, health or trust breaks down.

Speakers include :

  •       Professor Elizabeth Koepping – Edinburgh University      
  •       Revd Dr Carrie Pemberton  Ford – Senior Fellow of Ethics and Public Life   MBIT
  •       Viv Neville – author of Set Adrift – Clergy Wives Speak out from Abuse
  •       Pension Specialists,
  •       Property and Mortgage Advisers
  •       Economic Abuse and Institutional responses 
  •      Other speakers to be announced addressing 
        ‘ flourishing after emotional trauma’
    Rebuilding a secure financial future’
         ‘Creating Safer institutional systems’

This is the third conference curated by BadFaithed. We look forward to bringing together voices which can assist in building safer, kinder, faith communities in the light of Institutional and Relational abuse.

Who should come?

  • Those who have been impacted by economic and institutional abuse in faith communities
  • Those with responsibility to respond to economic, legal and well-being challenges of abuse
  • Bishop’s Visitors, Bishop’s Teams
  • Solicitors, Lawyers,
  • Financial Advisers
  • Clergy Spouses /
  • Formation professionals (Theological Colleges)
  • Ordinands and their Households
  • Professionals working in addressing economic abuse.
  • Spiritual Advisers, Counsellors, Psychotherapists.

Tickets available soon on EVENTBRITE

Venue in Central London being arranged for more information.




Conference October 2018  HOME TRUTHS

The outcomes of the Home Truths conference held on the 4th October 2018  in London were  clearly focused on the potential and very real negative impacts of Tied Housing in the intersectionality of abuse which can occur for those enduring domestic abuse, coercion or violence at the hands of a clergy, ordained, church leader ‘tied house licensed’ partner.  The complications are real. The way through terrifyingly dark, mired with the dragons of despair, depression, dismissal and devaluing by those whom the ‘surviving’ partner had previously thought were solid friends and companions on the way. The report on the BadFaithed Conference day will be on our pages soon. It will be strong meat, and will take some digesting. The lid on the extent of domestic abuse which is occurring behind the closed doors of the vicarage/manse/pastorate is just lifting.

The team at BadFaithed are looking forward to a positive year in 2019 where the legacy of lies, betrayal, and cover-ups can start to be put behind churches as they focus on the advice Revd Susan Brown, Moderator of the Church of Scotland charged the Conference in October – the need ‘ to have real and honest conversations’, and to build transparency and accountability in our processes, so that no family, no individual, no spouse, no child is left behind in an abusive situation, or suffering, under-resourced, the consequences of abuse because it is more convenient for the church to close the chapter, ignore the abuse, move the offender, ‘bury the bodies’ and march on.

Rev Susan Brown of Dornoch Cathedral and Moderator of the Church of Scotland

“If we are truly to care for clergy then we need to have real and honest conversations that take seriously some of the more difficult consequences that can arise from exercising ministry.

This conference aims to do exactly that, in order to work through and change, the adverse experiences our colleagues encounter”.

Rt Revd Susan M Brown

Moderator, General Assembly of the Church of Scotland


“Home Truths”
Meet the Speakers

2018 Badfaithed Inaugural Conference


4th October: 10.00am – 5.30 pm

Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church

235 Shaftesbury Ave, London WC2H 8EP

What happens when a clergy family splits up?

What are the challenges facing the family and the church?

Who helps spouses and children rendered homeless by a rift?

What are the moral and legal issues at local and national level?

Where does the church stand?

What can promote safety and safer outcomes?


The Badfaithed #Home Truths Conference 2018 sets out to explore aspects of “ecclesial abuse” which are seldom openly discussed. It will be of interest to all those currently working in response to clergy/ministerial marriage breakdown, tied housing arrangements, safeguarding, child protection, family therapy, policies promoting well-being, pension arrangements, family law and domestic abuse. It will seek positive ways to address the blame and shame cultures which can operate so powerfully within our churches and other faith communities.

Issues to be explored:


  • Marital breakdown – the emotional – and financial cost
  • Tied-housing – the impact on broken families
  • Public image, private suffering
  • Secrecy, Trust, Betrayal #secretsnevertobetoldChildhood trauma
  • Domestic abuse, (financial, emotional, physical, coercive) and its aftermath
  • Denominational engagement
  • Blame, shame, and congregational involvement
  • Processes, safeguarding, sharing best practice
  • How to “love one another” in this arena of crisis?


Speakers include:

  • Helen Chamberlain – Chief Superintendent and Public Safety and Domestic Abuse lead
  • Dr Sue Jervis: Military policy, household incorporation and ‘greedy institutions’
  • Susan Harrison – Safeguarding: why households matter and early warning protocols
  • Rt Revd Alan Wilson. Bishop of Buckingham Church of England
  • Chief Superintendent  Fiona Macpherson
  • Legal Panel – Tied housing issues (including representatives for the Church Commissioners and Legal Practices)
  • Callum Cowx ( Prosecutor)  – Reporting abuse, and building strong protection plans for victims
  • Dr Olumide Adise – Financial Abuse
  • Dr Lesley Orr MacDonald – The Tyranny of Respectability: fresh light on coercive control
  • Sir Bernard Silverman – Tied housing, counting the cost
  • Dr Kristen Aune and Dr Lisa Oakley on research efforts into domestic Abuse prevalence in church communities
  • Revd Lucy Berry – Poet in residence for the Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT)
  • Survivors’ accounts
  • Rt Revd Jo Penberthy. Bishop of St David’s Church in Wales

Plenary Sessions will explore:

  • Promoting wider understanding
  • Areas for research and potential funders
  • Ways forward in partnership (across denominations, synods and dioceses)
  • Network development after the conference
  • Non-legal redress mechanisms
  • Improved institutional practice


This is a ticketed event with a limited capacity. The Chatham House Rule will be followed. This ensures open and frank discussion, maximises learning, and seeks to protect everyone’s right to privacy.

We expect substantial interest. So, do book place early, and please  alert your networks – Early Birds  currently available and group discounted places .


Areas of particular interest are:

  • domestic violence,
  • child abuse
  • emotional and financial abuse
  • ‘greedy institutions’
  • tied housing,
  • ostracism and social control
  • institutional denial

 For further information on the day please contact
follow our twitter feed   @badfaithed    #Hometruths

Download the flyer Book your places –  group discounts still available 


Home Truths flyer


The new publication Set Adrift: survivor tales of former clergy wives by Vivienne Neville will be launched after the conference at 6.00pm – 7.15 pm – please sign up on the eventbrite pages if you plan to also attend the launch with press interest high.

We look forward to seeing you on the day. 


Please alert any of your networks or organisations which should be attending this breakthrough conference on the issues surrounding addressing domestic violence, child abuse, emotional and financial abuse pertaining to ‘greedy institutions’ with the impacts of tied housing, the fear of ostracism,  the power of social control for those in affective relationships and households of  church ministers and faith leaders, specifically in focus. This is a breakthrough area of concern which we are presenting at the conference under the working title of ‘Ecclesial Domestic Abuse’.


Sponsored stalls and Information points:

If your organisation would appreciate a space at this inaugural conference – please be in touch with  we are delighted to be presently hosting information points and stalls for engagement from

  • the Sons and Friends of the Clergy
  • Restored
  • Broken Rites

We look forward to seeing you and your colleagues next month – thank you for letting your wider organisation know about this timely opportunity to engage with areas in which faith communities could do better.